Somaliland: Information Minister Hails MPs


They are mature politicians who knew their cue hence could not be swayed by petty things, he says

Abdilahi Ukuse

By: M. A. Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Minister of Information, Heritage and National Guidance has lauded the MPs who passed the Roads Levy Tax Bill for their patriotism and foresight.

Hon. Abdilahi Mohammed Dahir U’kuse similarly hailed the populace as peace lovers for not heeding the opposition call for demos against the bill, which has since been enacted into law.

He noted that the law was something needful hence came at an opportune time where many roads facelifts were needed abundantly.

The minister took a swipe at the 8 ‘rogue’ MPs who alleged that their 58 colleagues “received bribes from the state”.

“It is a shameful thing for honourable members to utter”, he observed, and continued, “It only dented and harmed their own images and personal integrities”.

Hon. Abdilahi U’kuse described SL parliamentarians as “mature politicians who knew their cue hence could not be swayed by petty things”.

As he thanked them for giving deaf ears to the anti-bill demo called for by opposition chiefs, Hon. Abdilahi termed the MPs as “innovators with development conscious minds”.

The Minister who talked to the media in his office over the week, announced that the national radio was operating well hence the minor technical hitches has since been addressed.