Somaliland: Envoy Intensifies Quest for Sovereignty Recognition in Europe


Amb Rodha and EUMP Schimdt

By: Yusuf M Hasan

BRUSSELS (Somalilandsun) – The Somaliland Envoy in Sweden Ambassador Rodha Jama Elmi is drumming up support for the country’s international recognition within the corridors of the European Union Parliament-EUP in Brussels the capital of Belgium.

During her ongoing recognition canvassing activities Amb Rodha Jama has met with European Member of Parliament Olle Schmidt who is chair of the EUP African committee as well as a senior member of the parliament’s committee on African, Caribbean and Pacific Affairs-ACP.

Accompanied by the head of the Somalilanders Association in Belgium Mr. Aden Hasan the ambassador briefed MP Schmidt on prevalent status of her country Somaliland as pertains to the political, economic and social climate in addition to historical factors that mitigated the nation to withdraw from its union with Somalia thence the ongoing quest for international recognition as a sovereign nation.

While thanking the EU for continued development support the Ambassador who informed her host that the whole world is aware of the irrevocable independence of Somaliland urged the European Union parliamentarian, a known proponent of Somaliland to intensify recognition campaign within the EU and ACP member countries.

Ambassador Rodha Jama Elmi has in the past made similar forays within the administrative corridors of Scandinavian countries where she met with high ranking ministers of note being the Swedish minister for Africa Hon Birgitta Ohlson who acquiesced to enhanced interventions by Sweden in Somaliland.