Somaliland: Hema Books Monopoly Symbolizes Cronyism by Former Administration


Somalilandsun- According to intellectual Mr.Ali Dool Ahmed also known as (Ali Qoryoolay) the former administration education minister colluded with Hema Books, a book shop that disguises itself as a publishing house to give it a contract to publish the Somaliland syllabus textbooks for primary and secondary schools.
He suggests that the government should do away with Hema Books and instead print the books at the state printing house. Ali Qoryoolay stated that Hema Books is a corrupt enterprise the former minister planted to swindle the government. It has been used to fatten and spoon feed a certain person close to the realms of power.
Speaking to Somali vernacular website Hadhwanaag news Mr.Qoryoolay revealed that Hema Books is a linchpin of former Silanyo administration whereby many small companies were established to fleece Somaliland taxpayers.
“The government has two publishing houses which can do the job Hema Books is doing. One of the publishing house is brand new. Hema Books is one of the many illegal businesses former ministers used to milk Somaliland dry by holding shares after colluding with their proprietors. It is one example of nepotism and cronyism of former Silanyo administration, which I urge the current government to cancel. I over heard that the president Musa Bihi will pay a million dollar for the printing of more books.”
He requested the government to protect its reputation which is at stake should Hema Books receive the money.
“The government should come clean because Hema Books doesn’t have a publishing house and does the printing in Kenya. The current minister of education has signed another contract for Hema Books to continue sucking the blood of innocent Somaliland taxpayers this has to stop.” Mr. Qoryoolay retorted.
According to sources Hema Books was given a contract without competitive bidding hence their contract is illegal.
Hema Books is a book shop in Hargeisa the capital of Somaliland, It prints books in Kenya and sells them to pupils at exorbitant prizes.
To hit the nail on the head the Somaliland Syllabus textbooks have substandard content which needs to cancelled and a new syllabus written by expert curriculum educators.
Most of the books sold at Hema bookshops have been written by people masquerading as teachers with no qualifications some have been rounded up in downtown Hargeisa.
A case in point is the form one biology text book if you read the content some biological terminology have not been defined how do they expect students to grasp difficult biological names with no clear definitions.
All in all the ministry of education needs to go back to the drawing board and come up with quality books. Worse still Somaliland is one country with a hundred curriculums of education for instance we have textbooks published in Somali language others in English so which is which the country education system is in tatters and needs to be rejuvenated through a complete over haul of the Somaliland education syllabus re-writing this way Hema Books and other like with sinister names will become history.
By:Guleid Abdi Maher

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