Somaliland: With Tenacity We Shall Over Come International Ignorance


Somalilandsun- The International Community is investing blood and money to resuscitate and then stabilize the lifeless state of Somalia. Billions of dollars are already spent on unattainable targets and the International Community continues to spend even more in combating, piracy, terrorism and human-trafficking. Equally, both Somalia and the International Community tragically and unnecessarily lost many valuable human lives in the name of fighting terrorism.
Somalia leaders disregard these dignified international sacrificial attempts for rebuilding their failed state; they preoccupy themselves with taking despicable advantages of the International community and they personally enrich themselves through extortion and bribery. It is widely suspected that many members of the Somalia regime including the selected president and prime minister are in coalition with Al-Shabaab.
Since the re-proclamation of Somaliland’s independence in 1991, the successive Somalia’s gluttonous and illegitimate regimes were enviously focused to destroy Somaliland. They exhaustingly spent all their entire energy on internationally defining Somaliland as a break-away region of Somalia. They also tried to asphyxiate Somaliland economically and finally waged several failed military offenses using Puntland region of Somalia as a springboard.
On the flip side of the coin, the Republic of Somaliland reclaimed its independence from Somalia 27-years ago. Since then, Somalilanders worked tirelessly to build the glamorous present day Somaliland from the ruins that were left behind by Somalia’s notorious dictatorship – Somaliland has become an oasis of peace and democracy in a region best known for its dictatorial regimes, civil wars and innumerable manmade disasters. Unfortunately, the International Community continues to stifle the peaceful and democratic Somaliland’s rightful aspirations of becoming a recognized sovereign state.
Somalia is belligerent and an expansionist entity that has no respect for the International Law. Conversely, Somaliland is a peaceful and a democratic country that never had the intension of altering its officially demarcated colonial borders. For that reason, Somaliland does not infringe on the international law or the African Union’s colonial borders accord. These facts speak for themselves and are asserting reassurance to the International Community that the recognition of Somaliland sovereignty will have nothing to do with “the opening of the African secessionist Pandora’s Box theory”.
From day one and soon after the departure of Somalia’s dictator, Somalia kept itself busy bombarding misinformation to the ears of the international Community. The International Community was then fooled to believe Somalia’s misleading account on Somaliland-Somalia union. Therefore, all the international memberships including the United Nations membership seats are wrongfully granted to Somalia. As consequence, Somalia is sadly using those international privileges to squeeze the life out of Somaliland and for that matter, the merciless suffering of the Somaliland people is continuously ignored by the International Community.
The International Community is committing a grave mistake by recognizing an entity called Somalia that does not meet the basic qualifications for a statehood and at the same time, the International Community denies recognition to a neighboring country which has a functioning institutions, has a democratically elected President, parliament, municipality councilors and has its own currency, military and it shows great respect for the rule of the law.
The International Community can no longer and must no longer ignore the big elephant in the room, thus it must take notice of Somaliland’s illustrious accomplishments since the re-proclamation of its independence, and hence the International Community must respectfully grant the recognition that is duly deserved by Somaliland.
For that matter, any international leader who gutlessly dodges to answer Somaliland’s call to be recognized as Sovereign country has to be morally counted as an accomplice in crimes against humanity and has to be ruled as unfit to represent his country in international gatherings. The leaders of the International Community need some matter-of-factness in their political lives – they must realize that political alignment with the truth is what makes the legacy of a gallant leader.
In the face of International Community’s unremitting negation of Somaliland’s sovereign rights and no matter what evil comes from Somalia, the Somaliland’s development caravan is marching ahead with inexorable speed towards prosperity and Somalilanders are unwaveringly determined not to look back to their painful past connections to Somalia.
Somaliland’s tenacity of state building, its resolve in keeping the peace and moving ahead with the democratization of its national institutions will not be weakened by the unrelenting works of Somalia’s propaganda machine and by its persistent attempts to internationally blockade Somaliland both politically and economically.
Somalia claims that Somaliland-Somalia unity is consecrate, but they fell short on explaining that holiness in an intelligible way. And as matter of fact, the whole idea of Somaliland-Somalia unity is based on deceptive distortion of history. Practically, there was no Somaliland-Somalia documented mutual agreement to shape a united Somali state, but the International Community has blindly fallen to a made-up Somalia fairy tale and it granted a sovereignty right to an entity that lacks the essential semblance of statehood. Anyone interested in noting the factual details and succession of historic events in Somaliland-Somalia combined history must read the Somalilandlaw website in its entirety. There are well documented facts on this website, which completely refutes Somalia’s bewildering historic argument:
Dr. Yusuf Dirir Ali, MD
Burao, Republic of Somaliland
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