Somaliland: Government Denies Attacking Puntland


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Claims by Puntland that Somaliland forces attacked one of their ports has been denied.

According to the Sanaag regional governor Mr. Aden Diriye Egal “Geeljire” Somaliland forces have not attacked any part of Puntland, though officials from the semi-autonomous regional tribal enclave have been making a lot of noises purporting that they were attacked.

During a press conference held in Bosaso Last Sunday the Puntland security minister Khalif Isse Mudhan, claimed that Somaliland forces had attacked areas controlled by Puntland, and more specifically the port of Las qoray.

“Somaliland Navy forces have attacked on ships near the coastal city of Lasqoray, a disputed town that straddles Puntland and Somaliland” Mudhan told the press conference.

According to the Sanaag regional governor who is Hargeisa where he attended a governors meeting with president Silanyo, the claim by Puntland is absurd but baseless since Lasqoray is wholly Somaliland while the country’s naval forces have not conducted any operations in the area.

While acknowledging that there was an incident in the port town of Las qoray, Governor Geeljire informed that a skirmish occurred between local residents and crews of ship that was docked in the port.

Said he, “according to reports from my security officers in the town clashes ensued between residents and a large group of people who had been conveyed to the ship that was docked at the port”

The Sanaag governor in whose jurisdiction Lasqoray falls further informed that according to area elders, the large number of youthful men from Puntland were denied hospitality by area residents after it was discovered that their motive was to create disharmony.

The minister urged Puntland officials to desist from their constant machinations of disrupting peace in eastern parts of Somaliland, Said he, “one of these days Somalilanders who are fed up with interferences from Puntland will rise up as one and put matters to rights.

The Sanaag regional governor Mr. Aden Diriye Egal “Geeljire” revealed that while misguided Puntland officials most of them defectors from Somaliland Like the security minister are “crying wolf in a city park” Lasqoray remains peaceful and firmly under Somaliland control.