Somaliland: Kenya-Somaliland to enhance Bi-lateral Relations


By: Yusuf M Hasan

NAIROBI (Somalilandsun) – The Kenya government has termed Somaliland as an important partner in Horn Africa security.

This was said Kenya prime minister Raila Amolo Odinga during a meeting he hosted for Somaliland ministers in his office in Nairobi where he also revealed that he will visit Hargeisa immediately after the imminent visit the president H.E. Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo to Kenya.

During the meeting which the Kenyan PM held with the Somaliland minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar and the Presidency minister Hon Hirsi Ali H Hasan, as well as the country’s envoy in Nairobi Dr Mahmoud Abdilahi Jam “Sifir” it was agreed that cooperation at all levels between the two countries should be enhanced in order to avail citizens security and improved livelihoods.

While Dr Mohamed Omar arrived just before the meeting from Turkey where he led the country’s delegation to the Istanbul conference, Hon Hirsi Ali has been in Nairobi for a couple of days organizing president Silanyo’s visit to Kenya following an official invitation from PM Raila Odinga.

Apart from the announcement that Somaliland is an important partner in Horn Africa regional security, and the need for enhanced bilateral relations as well as that Raila Odinga will make a reciprocal visit to Somaliland soon no further details of the meeting were divulged.

The Kenyan prime minister Raila Amolo Odinga is a known friend of Somaliland having not only visited the country several times but has publicly declared his support for the country’s prolonged quest for recognition as a sovereign nation. Though all these were when Raila was in the opposition, and since his appointment as prime minister he has been a regular participant in events organized by Kenyan Somalilanders in Nairobi.

Since Raila joined the government his point man in Somaliland issues has been Hon Farah Ma’alim, the deputy speaker of the Kenya parliament who has visited Somaliland on various occasions either as delegation leader or individually. Farah Ma’alim who is of Somali origin has also raised the issue of Somaliland’s recognition at the Kenyan parliament on several occasions.

While Kenya is known to court Somaliland’s support since its military incursion Somalia, purportedly to protect its citizens from the Al-shabaab terrorism menace, and Somaliland known to have brushed aside the courting, if Raila makes the right noises in the right places, the international community will have no excuse for recognizing Somali