Somaliland: Country to Particiapte at CONIFA World Cup 2016 in Abkhazia


Somaliland in Abkhazia 2016 World Cup for rebel republics

Somalilandsun- The republic of Somaliland is participating in the Confederation of Independent  Football Association 2016 World Cup.

Somaliland  is among 12 other teams participating in the CONIFA organized World Cup for associations outside FIFA to be held Sukhum, the capital of Abkhazia from 28-5 to 5-6-2016. 

Abkhazia2016 setup

The framework for the World Football Cup #Abkhazia2016 is set and approved by the CONIFA board and the Abkhazian authorities!


The tournament will start on the 28.05.2016 with an opening ceremony in the stadium “Dinamo” in Sukhum at 7 pm. All teams will attend this event and join a flag ceremony in the packed main stadium of the country.

The first group stage matches will be played on the 29.05.2016. The final match will be played the following Sunday, the 05.06.2016.

After the final match a closing banquett with all teams, CONIFA staff, selected guests and media, will close the event!


The following 12 teams will play the World Football Cup #Abkhazia2016 to determine the World Champion outside FIFA*:

*Above links lead to the information about each team on CONIFA’s main homepage


All matches will be played in the “Dinamo stadium” in the Abkhazian capital of Sukhum.

Live coverage:

In cooperation, we will produce live pictures of all matches of the World Football Cup #Abkhazia2016 and the signal will be sold to interested TV channels all over the world by our TV rights partner SpringMedia and be streamed online via PPV through our streaming partner EverSport. The operator isn´t determined yet, more information will follow

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