Somaliland: Independent Diplomat Facilitates UN Meet for Deputy FM


Somaliland deputy foreign minister Ahmed Adan Ismail with officials of Independent Diplomat in New York

Somalilandsun – The Somaliland deputy foreign minister Ahmed Adan Ismail is set for meetings with to UN diplomats in New York.
The deputy FM who is currently in the United States has so far met in Washington DC with congressional leaders who acknowledged prevalence of sustainable peace and democracy in the yet to be recognized Horn Africa Country.
News of the meet at the UN were revealed in a tweet by Independent Diplomat-ID which is an international relations consultancy with operations within the Somaliland ministry of foreign affairs.
The ID tweet read
Independent Diplomat‏ ‪pleased to host ‪#Somaliland‬ Deputy FM Kayse today during official visit to NY to meet with ‪#UN‬ and member state.
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