Somalia: Golis Employees Jailed after Former Boss Enters Race for the Puntland Presidency


Candidate Warsame

By: Yusuf M Hasan

GAROWE (Somalilandsun) – The fight for the presidency of the Somalia administrative region of Puntland has taken a dramatic turn after son of sitting president Abdirahman Farole ordered the arrest of Golis Telecommunication company employees.

The purported reason behind the arrest of a large number of Golis employees is the Puntland presidential candidature of their former boss Ali Haji Warsame who resigned his managerial post at the company to contest Farole seat in forthcoming elections slated for later this year in Puntland.

According to Somaliland sources the very powerful son of the ultra powerful Farole has also ordered law enforcement agencies in the region to detain on sight presidential candidate Warsame who is currently in hiding in Taleeh from where he hails from purportedly attending the Khatumo 3 meeting which is also the source of ongoing acrimony between Ferule’s Majeerten clan and Warsame’s Dulbahante clan.

With growing acrimony on a daily basis between Puntland and Khatumo secessionists the never a starter state of Khatumo proposed for hiving from areas under the jurisdiction of Somaliland continue to diminish at a fast pace.

What with yesterday’s mass defection by Khatumo aligned militiamen to Somaliland together with shiny new military hardware supplied by Farole to foment trouble inside Somaliland and the dwindling stature of Farole’s acolyte in the guise of general Abdisamad Ali Shire who catered the now in Somaliland armed forces hands weapons, Khatumo vis ‘a’ vis their Puntland paymasters are doomed.

Our sources also indicate that the failure of any form of violence against Somaliland which was meant to be an excuse for postponing the presidential elections in Puntland has raised another quandary for the now out of tricks Farole.