Somaliland: Major Fishing Investiture Opportunity Availed to Awdal Residents + Video


M Guleid of Pontus Marine and Guul Group

By M.A. Egge

BORAME (Somalilandsun) – The fishing company that is in the process of establishing intensive

and extensive services in the country, Pontus Marine Ltd was at Borama to introduce their services to potential share holders.

The country representative for the fishing group Mr. Mohamemd Guleid Liban told the audience at the function, that was attended by the town’s major Cllr. Suleiman Hassan Haddi and Presidential Adviser on

Gender Affairs Lady Amaal Haji Ahmed Missaan, that they had” brought the company to Borama to give chance to the residents in being part of it”.

He said that the lowest amount of buying shares was $500 USD while the ceiling was at a half a million USD.

The Mayor Cllr. Haddi highlighted the occasion as chance for the area’s business fraternity and residents not to be left behind hence urged them to climb on board.

a section of Pontus Marine Borame launch participants

Lady Amaal on her part said that it was high time the area residents made a major impact on investiture hence urged them to follow cue and benefit from the process.

She added that it would boost job employment and economy of the folks.

Watch the Pontus Marine Launch in Borame