Somaliland: Forum’s Coercive “Plan ‘C’ Alternative” Implausible



Forum chieftains

Somalilandsun – It is un-Godly to enter our homes by the back-doors just as it is wrong to exit residences through the windows, our Devine Scriptures teach us.

Although freedom of interaction and speech is enshrined in our statutory legal books, the sudden off-road deviation plan “C” alternative taken by the so called national consultative forum (NCF) is an escapade to circumvent issues through coercion.

After changing their organization’s name not less twice due to illegality of their assembly, the forum which is still yet un-registered, un-official and legally un-binding announced a national assembly of birds of all feathers to be held this month.

Now again, after noting that the manner and mode of convergence would stumble on contrivance, they have decided to “pass the back”, and hence, in a case of coercion rather than cooperation, they gave the oner of doing the necessary (assembling) to both opposition parties.

We herein purposefully used the word coercion because since their inception the group assumed that they commanded the majority of the population, thence eager and ready ears and sympathy was found in the opposition!

Fearing now that their perspective was wrong from the start, they thought it best to give the officially recognized oppositionists to carry their banner.

We of course know quite well that there are hundreds of ways of expressing views but, sincerely, the group has not been truthful by boldly taking on a better, honourable and righteous path other than the illegal confrontational one that they chose.

It is our belief and trust that majority of the members of the public will shun the group as they have done all along and that the core intent of their aims wouldn’t sail to port.

This is the fact that from the beginning they expected to mobilize the populace to illegal demos that would not have augured well for and to our collective future.

We hopefully assume that the opposition parties which have taken the

baton from the group would not be able to fly the wrong banner whose burden they have “happily” borne. Despite the fact that top officials of one of the parties have reportedly decried and denounced the move, whether the assembling in the manner and with the agenda wanted (tabled) by the forum, is highly implausible.

The crux of the matter is that the tones of issues brought forth are overwhelmingly confrontational and highly undermining the essence of the statehood we thrive in.

On a closer note, it largely borders on tribal, clannish, coercive,

and dictating borders rather than republican, national, conciliatory and civil one.

We urge all patriotic members of the society to continue giving them the cold shoulders they have well done for the sake of our statehood.

Era of tribal chiefdoms was in the past centuries.