Somaliland: Tarmarcking of Three Major Burao Streets to Complete by end Year


Mayor Murad of Burao

BURAO (Somalilandsun) – The Burao Mayor Cllr. Mohammed Yusuf Abdi (Muraad) has revealed that

his council is in the process of constructing three more streets with tarmac before the close of the year.

“This is one of the roads whose works are on hand whereas the others in process would have to be completed within the remaining couple of months before end year”, said Cllr. Muraad.

A street to be tarmacked starts from Nasiye Hotel to ex-German School, a second one runs from Hotel Geesole to Hotel Adaani while another connects to hotel Baar-Siigo.

“If there were any misunderstandings within the council’s elected members, it should be clear that there are none at all,” said Mayor Muraad in answer to recent reports of antagonistic tendencies between the councilors within the council.

He said that “there was no conflict whatsoever” between them and that they work in a closely knit and united fashion “We work in solidarity and as a unit who spearhead issues with focused objectives in a group as one”, underscored Cllr. Muraad.

In effect, the Burao municipal council has been able to achieve the establishment of several social -infrastructural projects that reflected well in development index.