ONLF attacks several military posts in Ogaden


ONLF Fighters

By Mohamed Faarah

Somalilandsun – (Ogadentoday Press)- Ogaden National Liberation Front, a group fighting for self-determination of Ogaden Region in eastern Ethiopia since 1994 has said in statement Today that they have carried out several attacks in Ogaden.

According to the Report, ONLF fighters have attacked a small village locted at Korehey Zone, district of Shaygoosh and killed Four Ethiopian troops meanwhile wounded 5 others.

The report says that ONLF units have carried out 13 different attacks in Korehey, and Nogob (Fik) Zones.

We have attacked 13 military posts between 10 of October until 24 of October, and we killed 24 Ethiopian Troops in different operations, the statement said.

Independent source confirm to Ogadentoday Press that there were attacks in the area but have no details.

There is no comment from Ethiopian government and Regional administration Authority.

Ethiopia government said last months that the Group is on their last legs, but Ogaden people believe the statement is far from the reality on the ground.

ONLF intensifies its movements in Diaspora for the last years despite Ethiopian challenges.

Recently ONLF aired a new filmed YouTube of their fighters.

Human Rights organizations accuse Ethiopia government abuses in Ogaden and Ethiopia has categorically denied these accusations.

Since 2005, Ethiopia government isolated Ogaden region from the World, Ethiopia imposed a ban all international aid and media organizations in Ogaden despite fewer NGOs that operate under the permit of intelligence surveillance.

ONLF, Ogaden National Liberation Front is fighting for the self-determination of Ogaden Region since 1994.

Recently ONLF aired a new filmed YouTube of their fighters.

Ogadentoday Press