Somaliland: Chairman of National Party appoints Director of Planning


By: Guleid Abdi Maher

Hargeisa (Somalilandsun) – The chairman of national party (WADANI) Mr. Abdurrahman Mohammed Abdillahi has appointed as director of planning for his party Mr. Abdirashid Mohammud Ali, in a press release by the office of the information director in a terse statement.

The party boss after conferring in act 28 of national party constitutions National party post of director of planning was vacant hence the need to fill it with a suitable candidate.

“After consultation with senior party officials and deliberation it was decided that Mr. Abdirashid, a diehard supporter of the party best fills the position. HOA Abdurrahman asked all party officials and delegates to work with new planning director.” The boss of national party said,

HOA Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdillahi, also the speaker of Somaliland parliament, has caused an outcry by his opponents who claim his dual position as a leading opposition party chairman and speaker is unconstitutional.

Mr. Abdurrahman has been accused of colluding with H.E Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud by turning Somaliland’s legislature (parliament) into a toothless dog, which rubber stamps the ruling party kulmiye policies and by doing so he is viewed by many as a weak leader in a high position of authority.