Somaliland: Police Capture Man linked to Attempted Assassination of MP


By: Mohamoud H. Qodah

Brigadier Gen Fadal Iman

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland Police have finally apprehended the man on the run Mr. Tabarak Mohamed Du’ale who was connected to the assassination attempt of Mohamed Farah Qabille, member of Somaliland’s House of Representatives, in Da’ar Budhuq District.

Police Commander Brigadier General Abdilahi Mohamed Fadal told media that Police succeeded to detain the man who made the attempted assassination of MP Mohamed Qabile and said, “The suspect Tabarak Mohamed Du’ale who was accused of opening fire to MP is now in the hands of the police forces. He was captured in Da’ar-Budhuq district, 80km West from Hargeisa en route to Berbera. He will be submitted to Justice and the inquiry of the incident will be commenced in the next coming few hours.”

General Fadal furthermore; thanked the Mayor of Da’ar Budhuq for his collaboration in the detention of the suspect and the Police officers who made certain the accomplishment of arrest mission of Tabarak.

Information Minister dismissed allegations

Mr. Tabarak dismissed that the incident was an attempted assassination and told HAATUF newspaper, in an exclusive interview before he escaped- that he opened fire from his pistol in self-defense, when he saw MP Qabille moving towards his car with his pistol in his hand.

MP Qabile was opened fire by the arrested on Wednesday evening and the MP accused Ministers of Internal Security Assistant and Information and National Guidance of funding the failed assassination attempt by Tabarak Du’ale on him. Both ministers denied the allegation when we antecede them to a certain this matter.

Minister of Information and Public Awareness Mr.Abdillahi Mohamed Dahir (CUKUSE) told the media that he will sue Mr. Mohamed Farah Qabille MP for incriminating him, as part of the plot of the assassination attempt on him.