Somaliland: Interior Minister Denounces Country’s Judiciary of Bribery


Police Response against Gangsters and Thugs might result Loss

By: Mohamoud H. Qodah

Interior minister Ali Waranade

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland’s Interior Minister Ali Mohamed Waran-Ade strongly condemned Judiciary branch of the country of fraud by getting bribes from the parents of youths convicted of felony offences such as gangs, recidivism and hooliganism, in place of Imposing tougher punishment on them.

“Formation of gangs by youngsters in Somaliland’s main cities has been increasing for the months and security forces are chasing after them and detained dozens of youths who have been involving in felonies related offences such thugs and robberies. Arrested youngsters didn’t even stay one night in the stations or prisons for the reason that courts took bribes from their parents to free. This will have dire consequences and negative impact on Somaliland’s stability. We will no longer accept such fraud made by the courts.

“Victims didn’t get their deserved justice and never get justice and protection from the courts of the country. There is nothing that prevents perpetuators from doing the same actions again and people can no longer be safe from the threats of perpetuators’ wrongdoings,” Said Minster of Interior Ali Waran-Ade speaking to the press after he had a discussion meeting with Somaliland’s Security Committee.

Interior Minister added that parents of the wrongdoers will also be punished for the reason that they didn’t succeed to stop their children incurring transgressions and misbehaviors. He also pointed out that security forces will make strong reactions and that it is possible their reaction might even result human losses.

Youngsters who are organizing themselves as gangsters have increased in the main cities of Somaliland and in a recent massive police operation netted the detention of more than hundreds of youths including hooligans, recidivists and youths who practice making offences repeatedly.