Somaliland: Information Minister to sue MP Qabille for Incrimination


Information Minister A. Ukuse

By: Mohamoud H. Qodah

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun)- Minister of Information and Public Awareness Mr.Abdillahi Mohamed Dahir (CUKUSE) told the media that he will sue Mr. Mohamed Farah Qabille (MP for incriminating him, as part of the plot of the assassination attempt on him.

The minister described Qabille’s laying the blame on him as peculiar, unprecedented and alien to the political norm of the Republic of Somaliland since reclamation of independence and during SNM struggle.

“It is unfortunate for a member of the House of Representatives, who is fully aware of the history of Somaliland and its government, to repeatedly disseminate false propaganda against the government and its president; who is known for his patience and good leadership now and when he was chairman of SNM,” Said the minister in Press Conference held on Thursday.

The minister added that there weren’t any politically motivated assassinations or plots. Such acts are against our culture or the political norms of the country and described this as being a symbol of the respect Somaliland is enjoying today.

“It is unbelievable why my friend Qabille, who is not even in a political campaign- but who is fully aware of the different elections that the country has gMP Qabileone through; to claim that the attempt to assassinate him has been organized by me-the Minister of Information and funded by the Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Interior for security. Such a transgression can’t be left unheeded and I will take him to court for his misdemeanor.” He concluded.

MP Mohamed Farah Qabille is a fire brand politician who always thrives in pinpointing miss endeavors of the country’s authorities and for the first time in the history of Somaliland, he survived an attempted assassination after a gunman named Mr. Tabarak Mohamed Du’ale opened fire on him on Tuesday evening.

Mr. Tabarak Mohamed Du’ale himself defended himself from the allegation and told HAATUF newspaper, in an exclusive interview- that he opened fire from his pistol in self-defense, when he saw Mr. Qabille moving towards his car with his pistol in his hand.