Ogaden Community and ONLF officials Meet in Nairobi


Nairobi ONLF Meeting particpants

By Mohamed Faarah

Somalilandsun – Ogaden Community members in Kenya and ONLF, Ogaden National Liberation Front officials held a conference In Nairobi on Monday.The meeting was attended by around hundreds members from the community, including,, men, women, youth, Traditional leaders, media organizations and a businessmen.

Many of the participants  fled from Ogaden Region fearing persecution of Ethiopian Troops in Ogaden Region.

The youth vowed to continue the struggle in Ogaden until peace, justice and freedom of people of Ogaden are reached.

Members of community have concluded seminar for their members to remember the Former ONLF, Leader Sheik Ibrahim Abdalla Maah who passed away Dubai in June 2008.

The agenda of the meeting was to focus on the latest situation in Ogaden, according to independent report received by Ogadentoday Press clashes have taken place in Ogaden last weeks, and the government troops are accused of killing civilians in Ogaden Region.

The Group, ONLF took over a small village under the Godey Zone but later abandoned on October.

Speaking on the meeting, ONLF officials said that they are fighting for their right and self-determination.

Kenya mediation between, ONLF and Ethiopia stalled in October 2012, according to a sources still there is an effort going on to restart peace negotiation, a Former US ambassador to Ethiopia has told Ogadentoday Press in interview that, US policy in Ogaden is to stabilize the region and support the peace negotiations.

Since 2005, Ethiopia government isolated Ogaden region from the World, Ethiopia imposed a ban all international aid and media organizations in Ogaden despite some are operating under the permit of intelligence surveillances.

Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) fighting for the self-determination of Ogaden Region in Ethiopia since 1994.

Ogadentoday Press