Somaliland: UCID Names National Conference Organizing Committee Representatives


Feisal A Warabe

By: Guleid Abdi Maher

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) The chairman of opposition party UCID Mr. Faisal Ali Warabe has appointed a committee that will represent his party in the organization of the much publicized national conference by the national consultation and rectification forum and two main opposition parties.

speaking in press conference at his office Mr. Faisal who wished the people of Somaliland and around the world a prosperous Islamic new year said that the country needs a remedy for the ills committed by the current regime thus a matter of national importance are to be discussed in the conference where by the elders from the splinter group consultation and rectification forum will put forward their agenda for the nation.

The opposition boss named Mrs. Fadumo said Ibrahim , members of parliament Hon. Mohammed Farah Qabille, Hon. Abdinassir Yusuf Iro, Hon ahmed Mohamed Diriye, Hon Adan Ali Yonis and Hon Mohammed Mahdi Buubaa as the UCID party’s representatives to the national conference.

The UCID boss said the agenda of the conference would be about how to save the country from total collapse due to bad policies enacted by the regime of H.E Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud.

“We are going to discuss matters of interest to the public including a situational ideal for Somaliland’s oppressed masses Mr. Faisal Said.

Forum chieftainsHe criticized the government on the export of livestock from the Berbera port, and said that the country is losing millions of dollars to the ports of Bossaso and Djibouti as a result of a tax increase by the government on livestock. He said that the number of livestock exported from the port has decreased drastically and the government has hidden the official figures because of their poor policies and lack of insight by authorities.

The national consultation and rectification forum since its inception has became althorn in the flesh to the current government hence her allusion with opposition parties to hold this conference, among caliber such as Mr. Mohammed Hashi Elmi, Mr. Hassan Essa Jama, Mr. Ibrahim Dhegaweine to name a few.

Immediately upon naming the party’s representatives at the conference organizing committee the UCID party boss left for Turkey where he shall particpate in an international meeting.