Somaliland: Human Trafficking Immigration and Intelligence Officials Nabbed


By: Yusuf M Hasan

SAYLA (Somalilandsun) – Two Immigration officers and intelligence agent are in police custody after they were caught red handed in the act of trafficking people.

The two immigration officers stationed at Harirad and Borame towns and the intelligence agent from Sayla town were arrested in company of some eleven people whom they were helping to cross the Ethio-Somaliland border for pay.

“The arrest followed a pursuit by police in Awdal region who had been tipped off about the two immigration officers with information pertaining to their human trafficking charges in both Harirad and Borame towns” said a police officer in Borame who requested anonymity

The Awdal region governor Mr. Abdo Ahmed Aayar and deputy regional immigration officer colonel Mohammed Suleiman Hassan who condemned the government officials for smuggling people out of the country said that the two shall face the wrath of law as soon as investigations are complete.

Speaking to our reporter on telephone the region boss said that the perpetrators will be given heavy sentences to deter would be smugglers in the future.