SOMALIA: Wishing Away Abraar’s Resignation?


Ex Governor Abraar

By Abdullahi H. Farah

Somalilandsun – Like anyone else who cares about Somalia, I was partially stunned partially disillusioned and partially admired Yussur Abraar’s move to resign the governorship of Somalia’s Central Bank. Ms. Abraar did not only resign her coveted position but also blown a much needed and historic whistle over Villa Somalia’s incessant orgy of looting everything that Somalis held dear.

The international community from Nairobi to Washington DC, Brussels and London as far as Beijing and Moscow woke up to the protest of a decent Somali woman who refused to take part in the shameless looting of Somalia’s natural and financial resources. Mind you, this demand of illegal transfer comes on the heels of Soma Oil scandalous deal.

Yussur Abraar articulated her protest and did the honorable thing about the greedy onslaught on anything that is worthy of a dime in or about Somalia. Graciously, Abraar did not name names as far as this author knows but Mogadishu’s Kitchen Cabinet and its kingpin took the initiative and started to reveal themselves.

They had reportedly started to blame one another not about the verbal threat that at least two of them had targeted with the Governor but how on Earth did she slip out of their grip. This is truly scary. Also, at the behest of their boss, some Villa Somalia cronies tried in vain to sully the reputation of the resigned governor, but Somalis and the world know better and are very unlikely to buy such desperate mudslinging.

I am told the genius behind the Failed Grand Theft, the guru of the current Mogadishu government who also happens to be the most influential cabinet member in Mogadishu is placing frantic calls to Abraar’s next of kin “in order to silence the woman.” But unbeknownst to Somalia’s Rasputin, the damage [to his clique but noble service to Somalia] is already done.

Now that Abraar has spoken and all the world has heard her message, the government in Mogadishu cannot simply wish her case away. The President of Somalia must come out of his hiding palace [or just dismount from his plane] and talk candidly to the nation and the world about the circumstances that led to the resignation of the former Governor of Somalia’s Central Bank.

We are waiting for your speech, Mr. President.

Abdullahi H. Farah