Malicious Chinese Influence Trying to Disrupt Peace and Prosperity of Somaliland” States Piero A. Tozzi


Somalilandsun“: Malicious Chinese Influence Trying to Disrupt Peace and Prosperity of Somaliland” States Piero A. Tozzi

Somaliland Independence Day Celebrations in Washington DC

Speech by Staff Director

Congressional Executive Commission on China

Piero A. Tozzi

“As was mentioned I work on Capitol Hill on congressional executive commission on China that focus on issues of human rights in China but also Africa as well. And we just heard the need for international recognition which is very important. I visited your country/nation in December 2021, and when I was there I also had a chance to meet with some of the countries representatives among them was a delegation from Taiwan Republic of China.

Here we also have a temporary office of Taiwan Republic of China.

And why is this important? It’s important because there are shared democratic values which the people of Taiwan and the people of Somaliland have in part of the world where there is no much democracy no much respect of human rights.

And while we know the situation is not perfect, when you compare you seethe progress Somaliland has made.

Unfortunately and because I focus on China, we know there is a lot of interest in China in the Horn region .

We know that the president of Eritrea was just in China. We know last year Wang Yi the foreign minister of China went to visit Eritrea. Already in Djibouti there is a Chinese base. And the he went to Kenya, to Mombasa to visit the port there.

Alone is Berbera is a jewel right there, very precious resource but we know that another of difficultly that we see right now, we know, I believe is because there a malicious Chinese influence there and they are trying to disrupt the peace that you have and the prosperity that you have in Somaliland.

It is very important that you recommit yourselves to elections and democracy because it is important that Somaliland stands for human rights, for democracy, for free and fair elections in contrast to many countries.

And it’s important that you maintain your friendship with the people of Taiwan which is also a believer of democracy that face many of the same threats.

I just conclusion I want to congratulate you again for your May 18th holiday and congratulate you for the progress that you have made.

And we look forward formany years ahead and with the hope of one day there will be recognition of Somaliland.”

Thank you very much