IC Dissatisfied with Somalia, Refuses to Recognize Somaliland. A Graduation to Die For


Somalilandsun-The donor community is losing patience with the endless violence and self-destructive corruption that persists in Somalia.

During October the fighting between various clan and regional faction (as opposed to al Shabaab violence) caused over 20,000 more people to flee their homes. Many ended up in refugee camps around Mogadishu. UN and other foreign mediators have so far been unable to get the various warring factions to settle their disputes.

According to a report by the Strategy Page This has resulted in Donor states cut their contributions to Somalia by a third in 2018 (to under $900 million) compared to 2017.

Somali leaders are aware of the problem and thought they could solve some of them with a federal form of government Currently there are five federal states; Puntland in the far north, Galmudug just south of Puntland, Hirshabelle (Central State), Southwest State and Jubaland on the Kenya border.

Somaliland in the northwest is also considered a federal state of Somalia but refuses to cooperate and continues to consider itself an independent nation. The problem is few other nations, or the UN, will recognize that.

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  1. waxan fahmi waayey qofka webside kan lehi in uu somalilander yahay, Somalia waxa la yidhaa wadan Somaliland waxaa la yidhaa wadan miyaad kala sari la’dahay labadda waddan mise waa kaa jahilnimo