Ethiopia Recovers Stock Stolen by ONLF


By: Abdilahi Saeed MuhumedPresident Abdi-Ilay

JIG-JIGA (Somalilandsun) – A large herd of livestock stolen by guerrillas of the Ogaden National Liberation Front-ONLF has been recovered by Ethiopian government forces.

This was revealed by the President of the Somali Regional of Ethiopia-Zone 5 F Abdi Mohammed Omar ‘Ilay’ at a press briefing in Jig-jiga town where he the figures of the stock recovered by the Ethiopian national armed forces as 1800 heads of goats and 560 camels which is a few short of the numbers the ONLF bandits had stolen from the local Somali community.

President Ilay emphasized that the animals will be sent back to the owners once local authorities and traditional leaders have identified the owners, a process that is almost complete.

“Thanks to our security forces we have achieved our mission of recovering the livestock stolen by the ONLF and are currently under the charge of the security forces who will hand over to local and traditional leaders for return to their owners” said president Ilay

Stressing on the need to be fair the zone five presidents said the handover of the animals to the owners will be made according to traditional and religious tenets.

At the same time, the president has comprehensively advised the audiences to help/aid their vulnerable people in the region since the federal government took a way of developing the democracy as well as the community development sectors. “Comparing the activities provided our government and the previous governments in this country, they have never left even one single well apart from the community” the president said. “We will continue to improve our community situation live but it is very necessary to keep the peace accordingly” he added.

The president emphasized the relationship between the Somaliland government and Somali Federal Government that he pointed out the importance of the cooperation with the two governments.