Somaliland: Armed Forces Ranking Team Ready to Redress any Anomalies


By M.A EggeThe six member resanking team at work

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun)-The Presidential task force charged with the monumental task of establishing ranks amongst the servicemen of and for all arms of the forces revealed that they are at hand to review and address any credible qualms that may arise from any quarter.

Col. Suleiman Omar (Ku-joog), who is the head of the six man team that was named by the Head of State on the 25th of Sept 2012, said that they had done their utmost and to the best of their ability by following the laid down procedures in ranking the servicemen.

Noting that it was only God was infallible, Col. Omar Said that it was natural for discrepancies to occur, however, if any credible ones appear, “the committee is at hand and ready to address any shortcomings by seriously taking into account anything that abounds thereof”.

He underpinned the fact that the task was a monumental one for it was the establishment of the first ever ranking systems within the service cadres of the country’s national forces.

The committee made it clear that this was the first stage amongst many to come hence that the ranking system is forever an on-going scheme.

They lauded the President and the government for having made it possible for the realization of the indispensible hierarchy job-description means amongst the service chain of command is a must By


Ranks were given to deserving 10,000 security personnel from as low as lance-corporals to as a high as colonels in all the nation’s different arms of forces namely the army, police, coast guards, immigration and intelligences security forces.

They were thankfully contented that despite all the duress in the task, they were able to complete their mission.

Other members of the team who spoke at yesterday’s press conference were Ismael Adal Feel-jeh and Mohammed Ali Ismael.