Somaliland: Traditional Leaders Hail Posts Minister


By M.A EggePostal minister (C) receives community support

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun)-Hon. Mohammed Jama Abgal has set a landmark new precedence in orchestrating a new mode of striking the chords of rapport between traditional leaders and the government in Awdal region.

The recently appointed new minister for Posts and Telecommunications yesterday met a large group of traditional leaders and elders in the region whereby a wide range of issues were elaborated upon ranging from social development coperation to political ones.

He disclosed that from mid September, the Harirad political fallout between communities living in the area would be brought to a fruitful conclusion.

As he thanked the President for appointing him to a cabinet portfolio, he would take the opportunity to directly bridge and ease the rapport with the state (by traditional leaders), veering from past norm “whereby public media was the mode”.

He pledged that he would use the opportunity to help step up development in the area.

Sultan Abdirahman Jama Dawal hailed the minister for the brave step he has taken hence noted, “this is the first time ever in this region that a cabinet member holds such type of a meeting with such a sole purpose”.

Several traditional leaders who spoke included Sultan Suleiman Ali Ismael, Sultan Abukar Elmi Wabar, Sultan Ibrahim Da’ar, Sultan Abshir Muhummed and Chief Aqil Gurey.

They all hailed the minister and wished he stepped up the efforts to even greater heights hence similarly talked of their grievousness.

They all acknowledged the fact that the meeting was a historical one by echoing similar sentiments.