Somaliland: Alnuur Company Gifts Hargeisa Orphanage


By: Liban Ali Haji Rabisome of the beneficieries of the Alnuur donation to Hargeisa Orphanage

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Children at the Hargeisa orphanage celebrated Eid shod in new clothes courtesy of Alnuur Furniture Company.

“We are very grateful to Alnuur Company for the donation of clothing to all the 485 children under our charge” said Ms. Asha Mohamud Khalib the matron of the Hargeisa orphanage.

While revMs Khalib (R) receives Alnuur donations from Mr. Abdirizaq A Mohamedealing that continued support by “Alnuur Furniture over the years has played a great role in meeting the wants of the children especially clothing which the orphanage is very grateful for Ms. Khalib said the contended hearts of the children and their prayers has something to do with the success of the furniture company.

The matron who informed that the orphans in her require a lot of assistance asked others to emulate the largesse of Alnuur Furniture Company which has been involved on a regular basis for a number of years.

The locally owned company presented the assortment of clothing to the children at the city orphan centre with the children and staff in attendance.

This year’s Alnuur Furniture donation was handed over to the orphanage by a company staffer Mr. Abdirizaq Abdilahi Mohamed.The Hargeisa orphanage matron R receives a donation of clothes from Alnuur furniture company/2012

According to the company’s managing director Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Nuur the Hargeisa orphanage is one of the beneficiaries of the corporate responsibility of Alnuur furniture.

Said he, “Apart from corporate responsibilities it is our obligation as Muslims to support orphans thus our over the years commitment to the Hargeisa Orphanage ”

It is a custom for all especially children to be dressed in new clothes during celebrations of Eid an Islamic festival comes a day after end of Ramadan (fasting) and carries great weight in Islamic world

While thanking the Al Nuur Furniture customers for continued loyalty to its products, Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed said that it is they, clients who make the annual donation to the orphanage possible.

Alnuur at a trade fair in chinaThe Alnuur Furniture MD says that his firm which has a policy of sharing profits with the community is deeply involved in subsidizing the Hargeisa based children’s orphanage that is home to over 800 orphans from various parts of the country, Somalia and neighbouring Ethiopian zone five.

“Apart from a complete set of clothing supplied each child at the Hargeisa orphanage annually during Eid celebrations Al-Nuur furniture also supports the institution with regular cash and material donations”

Al Nuur Company which exemplifies the abundant investment opportunities in the country is a locally owned business that supplies home, office and institutions with state of the art furnishings and furniture’s.

According to the firm’s managing director Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Nuur, the furniture company that started in Hargeisa a few years ago with an initial capital of $149 is now a regional actor with major concerns not only in Somaliland but in Ethiopia and Djibouti as well.

Al Nuur furniture company which imports most of its Home, office, study, Hotel, Hospital etc. furniture from abroad has continued to attract a large number of committed clients who are not only attracted by the high quality products but innovative practices established by the company.

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