Ethiopia: Liyuu Police Massacre Civilians in Mustahil District


By: Mohamed Ali

Somalilandsun – The Ethiopian regime intensifying its scorched earth policies in Ogaden has unleashed its Liyu Police militia on the civilian population in Mustahil district of Shebelle region of Ogaden.

During the last two days hundreds of civilians were either killed or wounded in and around Mustahil. Thousands has been uprooted, some seeking refugee in Somalia. Details will be released as more information becomes available.

in a press statement posted by OgadenToday the ONLF strongly condemned the attack, terming it as a heinous act and called upon the UN, AU and donors to make the Ethiopian regime accountable for its crimes against Somalis under its rule.

The ONLF further called upon all Somalis to unite and stand up to the Ethiopian regime’s planned extermination of the Somali Nation.