SOMALILAND: City Councilors Cancel Contracts for Water Management Companies


Hargeisa city hall

By: Guleid A. Maher

SOMALILAND: In an impromptu meeting chaired by the Mayor of city of Hargeisa Councilor Abdirahman Mohammed Aideed cancelled contracts of two waste management companies in the city for not fulfilling their contracts as per the memorandum of understanding.

In a no-confidence vote by councilors of Hargeisa city council Sabawanaag and Dhis waste management companies lost their contracts to clean the city. The council cites incompetence on their side. Sabowanaag and Dhis were responsible of Ahmed-dagah, Mohamud Heibe and 26 June districts of the city.

The councilors who voted to revoke the contracts of the companies were 21. 19 voted for the cancellation while one voted against the mayor did not cast his vote.