Ethiopia: Fruitful OCSA Diplomatic Efforts Lauded


Participants of the OCSA organized meeting in Port Elizabeth

By: Ahmed Abdi

Somalilandsun – The recent diplomatic efforts undertaken by the Ogaden Community in South Africa’s –OCSA is bearing fruits then a very successful Endeavour.

According to the Ogaden News Agency (ONA) this sentiments were expressed by the Deputy Chairman of Ogaden National Liberation Front-ONLF Mr. Mohamed Ismail Omar during a keynote address on phone to a Consultation meeting in Port Elizabeth ,South Africa,.

“The Ogaden Community in South Africa is winning the battle against Ethiopian occupation”, Mohammed Said, adding that the diplomatic activities of the OCSA “against Ethiopia will continue until the Somalis in Ogaden region gain independence through referendum or armed struggle.”

ONLF deputy leaderOn the recent war gains of the Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA) Mr. Omar who said that the army wing targeted recently Ethiopian held-towns and Army positions in different parts of the Ogaden Region where residents were rescued from never ending slavery and subjugation.

The deputy chairman finally thanked the organizers of, leaders and other ONLF officials that participated in the consultation meeting.

Officials from ONLF and the Ogaden Community leaders also discussed how to enhance diplomatic efforts and other activities of the struggle that will help Ogaden region to gain full independence.