Somaliland: A New Dawn for Democracy


Irro-No more YES YES Sir

By: Ahmed M. Adam

Somalilandsun – It is a good day for Somaliland Democracy thus Congratulations to the Parliament and their Speaker for the “Power-Shift” they just brought about in the country.

This is a very important Power Shift, restoring the right balance of power between the Legislative and Executive branches of Somaliland Democracy.

The Somaliland parliament was being seen as weak and ineffective for a period of time and the Kulmiye Government was getting away with a lot. It appears that the tables are turning now as a re-organized, re-energized parliament takes the stage and a stronger leadership emerges.

The parliament has re-claimed its independence as the Country’s elected representatives entrusted with its legislative powers. President Silanyo’s bribe, divide and rule politics and the interference of parliamentary debates and decisions is not working any more. The spell is broken and that will spill-over into many other areas.

The High Court has no jurisdiction, at all, over the internal processes of the parliamentary deliberations nor will the letter from the High Court stop the decision of the parliament. If anything, it shows the plight of a president betting on a bubble.

Although people often credit the media and/or opposition parties for their public scrutiny of the government, in reality, it is the parliament who reins-in the government excesses and abuse of power.

The Media merely investigates and exposes the excesses of the Government. The opposition investigates and instigates the parliament to act. The opposition parties are represented in the parliament and they have the ability to bring matters up for debate inside the legislature hall and force change.

All in all, the recent political events in Somaliland favour the opposition parties and may pave the way for landslide win for the WADANI party in the coming parliamentary and presidential elections.

Ahmed M. Adam