Somaliland: Government Prioritizes Factors of Production Life-lines -Hirsi


Presidency Minister Hirsi Ali during the onsite press briefing

By: M.A Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Minister of the Presidency Hon. Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan expressed his satisfaction to the ways in which the ongoing road-works are progressing.

“I’m happy and contented with the manner of construction works”, he said upon making an impromptu inspection tour along the Hargeisa – Berbera highway.

He explained that the repair works along the major road as going well as panned with much work being done between Halaya and Lafarug.

He reminded the members of public of the importance of maintaining infrastructure given that we never had rail-roads or regional air flights in the country.

He emphasized that amongst the major plans prioritized as envisaged by the Head of State is the development of production life-lines such as roads.

“It is imperative that we should repair and maintain existing roads network just as we should build new ones”, said Hon. Hersi.

He disclosed that the state would soon produce major plans to tarmac roads linking districts all over the country such that development may set in faster.

The Minister whose docket runs the roads sector has stepped up efforts on roads construction and maintenance country-wide.

Just last week he dashed to Qol-adey in Salahley district to monitor the constructions there.

Hargeisa Berbera road works

His colleagues Hon. Ukuse announced a day later that he (Hersi) had paid the amounts the state pledged for the project.

Road projects within the country are built through cooperative efforts between the state and the people.

Hon. Hirsi has likewise been busy on the Burao – Erigavo, Burao – Hargeisa, Togwajale, Arabsiyo roads whereby several constructions of bridges are also in progress.

The Borama Municipality has just announced that progress on the Jawhar roads is to be resumed in the coming weeks.

The government has indeed made road projects a priority given the re-carpeting of roads in Burao and Berbera towns.

Hargeisa municipality is set to repair all its major roads.

Frankly, the minister has always been on his toes doing rounds focusing on roads issues, making him the busiest minister in the cabinet.