Somaliland: “Enhanced Infrastructure Key to Economic Development”-Sifir


Dr Sifir

By: Ahmed Abdi

Somalilandsun – Mr. Mohammed Abdilahi Jama aka Sifir, Somaliland Ambassador to Kenya has noted that empowered, responsive economic capacity building mainly the roads are very important in ensuring development.

Speaking with the media in Nairobi, he said government therefore committed to addressing issues with citizen’s participation specially Eastern Africa Diaspora to foster holistic and sustainable development at the local level and the country at large.

Mr. Jama said I am here to send my heartfelt gratitude to the government and the citizens in and outside the country for their patriotic participation of the development process specially I am admired their bravery involvement to build paved roads between Burao and Erigavo which I think it will connect different parts of the country.

“Somaliland developing project that’s currently going on many parts of the country is crucial and we encourage our Eastern Africa Diaspora and any one that loves the development process of the country to increase his/her engagement with the local community and the government”, said Mr. Jama

The Ambassador added that the important thing is to get together rather than fundraising to promote human interaction that can increase the strength as well as government-people- relationship.

“Knowing that government alone cannot be responsible for the development I am encouraging you, Somaliland Diaspora, particularly those in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and all parts of the African continent to take part your role and work hand-in hand with partners like those in Europe, America and Australia do”, he added.

Somaliland which located in the horn of Africa is strategic partner with many parts of the middle East countries-that depend on livestock that imported from Berbera seaport-and has been enhancing to improve its relationships with the regional African nations.