Yemeni Civilians in the Crossfire: Photo feature


A Yemeni family flees Sanaa with their few remaining household property

Somaliland sun – As the aerial bombardment of Yemen stretches towards a third week and the country’s civil war continues its downward spiral, more and more civilians are becoming trapped in the crossfire. Long among the Middle East’s poorest people, it is ordinary Yemenis who are increasingly bearing the brunt of Saudi-led air strikes and Houthi rebel reprisals.
A short while ago, a Saudi-led coalition of 10 nations began bombing Yemen to displace Houthi rebels who seized the capital Sana’a last September. The attacks, which have been questioned under international law, have already killed many civilians.
In the central province of Ibb, a dozen fuel tankers and two petrol stations were hit by air strikes, setting off a series of massive fireballs. The Saudis said they were targeting people carrying guns for the Houthis, but when IRIN visited the scenes the civilian toll was all too clear.
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