Without the Nile there is no Egypt

Egypt and Ethiopia struggle foer the control of River Nile

Somalilandsun: Since time immemorial Egyptians have been masters of the river Nile , but Africas longest river has never been under prevalent strain that includes Pollution , climate change and the Soaring Egyptian population are taking an immense toll.

After thousands of years as sole masters of the Nile, Egypt is now sparring with Ethiopia over the giant  Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), a hydropower project being built 2000 miles up river on the Blue Nile.

Serious differences between Ethiopia and Egypt remain on the fill rate of the reservoir behind the GERD and the flow or release rate of water from the GERD once the reservoir is filled, especially during years of unusually low rainfall in the Nile Basin

Ethiopia is staking its hopes on its $4.5 billion hydroelectric dam while Egypt fears it will cut into its water supplies with Sudan and President Trump acting mediators

As Time is running out for negotiations involving both countries and Sudan, can they find a solution to avoid a wider conflict?

This argument is offered by Declan Walsh and Somini Sengupta in their co-authored article titled “Bitter Struggle for Control of the Nile: Egypt Sees Ethiopia’s Huge New Dam as Threat to Its Lifeblood”