With More than half its Population Facing Famine Somalia president Appeals for Aid


More than half of Somalias Population is Facing Famine

Somalilandsun – Newly elected president of Somalia Mohamed Abdilahi Mohamed Farmajo takes office as his Wartorn country suffers from not only internal strife but prolonged and recurrent drought as well.
According to the the World Halth Organization – WHO, more than 6.2 million people – half of Somalia’s population need urgent humanitarian aid as a result of the devastating aftermath on livelihoods occasioned by the drought.

With almost three million going hungry in his country president Farmajo has declared his country to be in a state of national disaster and subsequently appealed to the international community to urgently respond to the calamity in order to help families and individuals to recover from the effects of the drought disaster to avoid humanitarian tragedy,” read a statement from the presidency.