Abductions in Somaliland


Rahma and the woman witch of Hargeisa

Somalilandsun-She entered my house to ask me for food, the next thing I remember standing in the middle of street calling people for help! This according to a kidnapped girl from Koodbur region in Hargeysa, SomalilandKidnapping series are increasing in alarming rates inHargeysa ,there is no respond or actiontaken by the government about this is phenomenon yetAccording to the report the girl saw others in the waiting room that she was taken to

There is sense of carelessness from the government on this issue andfrom the police as they haven’t taken the required these people.

What are the necessary measures we should take as a society?

• Increase the community connectedness and go behindabductors.
• Increase the awareness of children kidnappings through media and mosques.
• For tenants to know the sort of people they are renting the house.

Written by: Yasmeen Hassan

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