Somaliland: Planned Protest Demonstrations in London won’t Affect the Military Base Deal with UAE- State


Reveals government as citizens in the diaspora arrange to demonstrate outside the UAE embassy in London on 2nd March 2017

Somaliland presidential spokesman Eng. Hussein Adam Egge A.K.A Hussein Deyr says the demos wont change an iota of the deal

By Abdirisak Itaqile
Somalilandsun -Somaliland government has revealed that the planned demonstration in London against the UAE military base in Berbera was the brainchild of UK Somalia embassy officials affiliated with groups from Somaliland origin who believe the now defunct dream of greater Somalia.
The government also said that it’s aware of the activities of Mogadishu based government where it accused Somali federal government of trying to destabilize the self-achieved stability and governance in Somaliland.
This was revealed by Somaliland presidential spokesman, Eng. Hussein Adam Egge better known as Hussein Deyr in an interview with the government owned newspaper, Dawan on Sunday.
Somaliland government is aware of the ongoing activities of a planned demonstration against Somaliland sovereignty, stability and the prosperity achieved by the Somaliland people. The demonstration is planned to be held in front of the United Arab Emirates embassy in London and the organizers of the demonstration are the officials of Somali embassy in London in collaboration with members of Somaliland origin who strongly believe and promote of federalism, but now using the ongoing UAE’s efforts to establish military base in Berbera as a pretext” Somaliland Presidential spokesman Hussein Deyr said while speaking with Dawan Newspaper editor.
The presidential spokesman went on to say: “It is worth noting that the country has many enemies (internal and external) who are always ready to interfere with the peace, stability, democracy and the development of the country. As a government, we urge Somaliland citizens in the UK to have a vigilant eye on any effort which can damage the sovereignty and the stability of Somaliland.
Hussein Deyr also urged Somaliland citizens living in the UK to show the UAE government their support to the deal reached with Somaliland government.
“If Somali Federal government and pro-federal members succeed to stage a demonstration against the establishment of UAE military base in Berbera, Somaliland diasporas living in the UK should show the world their support towards the UAE military base in Berbera by holding a peaceful demonstration in front of the UAE embassy in London” Hussein Deyr added.
Asked the political and economic consequences that could arise if the demonstration against the UAE military base in Berbera goes on as planned, the presidential spokesman stated that it won’t affect Somaliland politically and economically.
“We are confident that any kind of demonstration held by Somali federal government and it’s pro-federal members hailing from Somaliland won’t affect the agreements Somaliland entered with UAE government.
The demonstration against the UAE military base in Berbera is planned to be held in front of the UAE embassy in London on Thursday, 2nd March, 2017.
What is more Hussein Deyr also made clear that the government is aware of Somali president Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo’s recent attempts to derail the UAE military base agreement by asking the Saudi King to help him squash the deal between the Republic of Somaliland and the United Arab Emirates.
“The government is aware of that the Mogadishu based Somali federal government is trying to squash the deal between Somaliland and the United Arab Emirates. We are telling Somali federal government that the government and the people of Somaliland don’t take instructions of what to do from anybody” Hussein Deyr said.

Abdirisak ItaqileThe author Abdirisak Itagle Is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Somaliland Monitor. Prior founding Somaliland Monitor he served as the editor-in-chief of The Independent English newspaper, a sister publication of Hubaal daily Somali newspaper.