COVID-19 Traditional Medicine From Africa Approved for Clinical Trials

COVID-19 Traditional Medicine From madagascar

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is not trashing traditional medicine aimed at treating the deadly COVID-19 as it earlier been speculated.

Viral allegations on social media said that WHO was against the famous Madagascar traditional medicine linked to treating COVID-19.

WHO has announced that traditional medicine gurus have agreed to subject their anti-COVID-19 toxic to clinical trials before trying them on the general public.

WHO noted that 70 experts in traditional medicine from Africa held a meeting and agreed to test their drugs.

This is good news for Africa as a continent in this COVID-19 pandemic because traditional medicine will only be used on human beings once meeting the clinical tests.

“70 traditional medicine experts from countries across #Africa held a virtual meeting with @WHO on the role of traditional medicine in the #COVID19 response. They unanimously agreed that clinical trials must be conducted for all medicines in the Region, without exception,” WHO said in a tweet.

This also means the famous Madagascar medicine will also be subjected to clinical trials.

Tanzania is the only country from the East Africa region that ordered and received Madagascar herbal medicine.

Tanzania’s Government Chief Physician Prof. Abel Makubi said they would use three groups to come up with a conclusion about whether to use the herbal drug or not.

“The first group will be put on a normal drug that we have been using, the second group on Madagascar’s anti-Coronavirus drink and the control group, third group, on both the herbal drug and normal drug we have been using,” he said.