Somaliland Police take over 150 Vehicles Confiscated from Khat Smugglers

Somalilandsun:The Somaliland police on Tuesday sprayed their Blue color and goodir ( antelope) symbol  on the first batch of vehicle confiscated from Khat smugglers.
The seizure of vehicle and arrest of Khat smugglers began the day after the National Preparedness Committee for COVID19 decided to ban khat, and while ordering contraveners  to be prosecuted and their vehicles confiscated.
Although no official announcement has been made yet, reliable sources inform the Horn Tribute that an  estimated  150 vehicles have been seized so far in police operations across the country, and total of 300 suspects have been arrested and arraigned in court.
The regional courts have so far sentenced different suspects, and handed over to police  vehicles seized from the  Khat smugglers.
The illegal khat has been seized by police forces across a number of cities in the eastern and western regions of the country.
Somaliland Police take over 150 Vehicles Confisticated from Khat Smugglers
On the other hand, all vehicles belonging to  government agencies seized on illegal Khat, have been transferred over to the Police through a decree  of President JSL Muse Bihi Abdi.
From  all operations, that have seen Police arrest smugglers and confiscate their vehicles have been seen by the community at large as an important step in maintaining law and order, and it is important that everyone who commits a crime be prosecuted.
So far somaliland has confirmed a total of 34 coronavirus cases, three deaths and a six recoveries.
By: Mahmud Walaleye