“The US Supports Cohesion between Somaliland and Somalia”Amb Yamamoto


Somalilandsun:The US government desires peaceful co-existence among all nations including between Somaliland and Somalia.

This was stated by the US envoy to Somalia Amb Donald Yamamoto during a virtual interview with journalist from Somaliland and Somalia in which revolved around numerous issues among them stalled talks between the two countries, the Coronavirus pandemic and prevalent status in Somalia.

Participating from Hargeisa via Zoom was the editor in chief of Greeks Afrika Mohamed Hussein JAMA “Rambo’ whose queries pertained to the US support towards the civid-19 prevention and the stalled Somaliland Somalia talks.

Ambassador Yamamoto took that opportunity to reveal his long experience in issues related to the two countries more Somaliland stating that

“I have closely worked with various Somaliland administration’s beginning in 1998 with that of late President Egal during the reconstruction of Somaliland then that of his predecessor President Rayale and now President Bihi”

And as for the stalled talks between these two formerly United countries we are taking our cue from efforts by the Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed who hosted a fiery face to face meeting between presidents Bihi and Farmajo of Somaliland and Somalia respectively in Addis Ababa earlier in the year.

“This was a very fruitful meeting that will lead to resumption of stalled talks and which the US government not only welcomes but supports as well” said the envoy

At the same time cohesion between Somaliland and the federal government of Somalia including its regional administration’s is also a step in the right direction that shall ease efforts to cancellation international debts inherited from the administration of late siyad barre

Adding that neighbouring countries like Kenya., Ethiopia and Djibouti were important towards peace in the region most imperative was the cohesion between the principal actors namely Somaliland and Somalia.

On the covid-19 pandemic Amb Yamamoto was categoric that only concerted efforts can stop the virus at its heels while the diaspora who have so far taken a great part in rebuilding these countries economically can play a bigger part.

In conclusion Ambassador Donald Yamamoto said that the US government shall provide all necessary support towards developing diverse sectors in the two countries.