Somaliland: “This Administration has no Strategies to Deal with Covid-19” Politician Jama Shabeel

Somalia claims somaliland confirmed coronavirus cases

Somalilandsun:The administration of president muse Bihi Abdi has been urged to come clean on its strategies for tackling the Coronavirus pandemic.

The urgings were made by politician Jama Ismail Egge ‘Jama Shabel’ during an interview with Geeska Afrika in Hargeisa where he also accused the government of failure to address repercussions of its anti-virus spread measures.

Jama Shabeel

“The entire country is demoralized because of the corona virus that has led to all our school going children staying at home, their teachers losing livelihoods , not to mentioned the closure of many small scale enterprises leading to hunger among many citizens of Somaliland” said Jama Shabel

According to the politician the problem is not stringent measures imposed set to deter spread of the virus but lack of government strategies to mitigate the aftermath.

Said he “What plans are in place to support the many poor families that are now going without meals, or the many employees who have lost their jobs” adding that the minister of finance should clarify on where funds from ceased projects are being utilized

On matters related to protecting the country against the pandemic politician Jama Shabel urged citizens to adhere advice from medical professions.

The total confirmed Coronavirus cases in Somaliland stand at 34 with three deaths and a few recoveries

In the meantime the federal government of Somalia continues to belittle the sovereignty of Somaliland by include Hargeisa’s confirmed Coronavirus cases to those tallied by Mogadishu

Somalia claims somaliland confirmed coronavirus cases