UKIP Commonwealth Spokesman demands recognition of Somaliland on its Independence Day


Somaliland celebrated 25 years of unrecognized independence on 18 May 2016

Somaliland sun- On the 25th anniversary of Somaliland’s self declared independence, UKIP Commonwealth spokesman James Carver MEP, a supporter and long time advocate of Somaliland’s re-recognition on the international stage, has written to Somaliland’s President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud, their Speaker, Irro Addullahi, and leading community members, to send his best wishes.  

He said,  “On this auspicious day I am sending my sincere congratulations to the Somaliland people on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Somaliland independence.  I look forward to the re-recognition of Somaliland by the international community, and remain committed to seeing Somaliland take its rightful place in the community of nations”. 
UKIP Commonwealth spokesman James Carver MEP a supporter and long time advocate of Somalilands re recognition
“Somaliland is a beacon of peace and democracy in the Horn of Africa. This is peace and democracy that is built on the hard work and sacrifice of its citizens. If their was any justice in the world then that sacrifice should be recognised by allowing them to take their rightful place amongst the free nations of the world. “

UKIP press statement