Somalia: Madoobe Appoints First Jubaland Cabinet


Jubiland president Ahmed Mohamed Islaam Ahmed Madoobe Forms government

Somaliland Sun – Residents of Jubaland are expecting provision of full public services by their government .
This anticipation follows the appointment by Jubaland president Ahmed Mohamed Islaam “Ahmed Madoobe” of a thirty strong council of ministers which is the first official government of the regional administration.
composed of only one woman minister Ms Shukri Weyra Kaariye appointed to the public works and housing portfolio the cabinet is internally set-up of 17 full ministers and 17 deputies.
Jubaland is an administrative region of Somalia liberated from Al-Shabaab by Kenya forces that remain as part of UNISOM, a thousands strong army composed of troops supplied by a number of African Union members.

Read list of Jubaland cabinet members below