Turkish Military Base in Somalia Poses Security Risk to Somaliland


Turkey unveils military base in Somalia /Aljazeera photo

Somalilandsun – Somalia is to host Turkey’s Military base abroad
According to authorities in Ankara and Mogadishu the facility spread out over 4 square kilometers (1.54 square miles) with capacity to train more than 1500 a time is good security thinking.
But for Somaliland where plans for the base had raised worries, the arrival of The head of the Turkish military in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu on Friday, has raised antennas further.
Turkey’s military chief Gen. Hulusi Akar who was received upon arrived in Mogadishu by the commander of the Somali armed forces,

Gen. Mohamed Ahmed Jim’ale, at Adan Abdulle international airport under heavy security is in the country to officially open the sprawling facility.
In Hargeisa the capital of somalilamd former Vice President Ahmed Yusuf Yasin said that the arrival of Gen Askar in the neighbouring country plus his mission bodes ill.
Referring to the opening of the Turkish base in Mogadishu at a function participated by senior Somalia and Turkey military and government officials and witnessed by among others various foreign diplomats , EU as well as AMISOM and NATO officers, the former VP said regional security has been injured.

In a briefing to Geeska Afrika, Ahmed Yusuf Yasin urged Somalilanders to not only brace for the insecurity the facility bears but to prepare for defense of the country.

Addressing his remarks to whichever of the three candidates wins the Somaliland presidency come November elections, the former Vice President said “with what is happening in Somalia t is imperative that we strengthen our military through specialized training and supply with apt defensive equipment”
Stressing on the fact that Somaliland forces can hold their ground as per current status, Ahmed Yusuf said the incoming administration must strategize and sooner rather than later on the creation of an Aur force.
Since 1991 when Somaliland withdrew from its 1960 later turned fateful union with Somalia, its army build from ragtag clan militias has concentrated on ground forces thence completely absence of even a single Air Force jet.

Reminiscing on the I’ll feelings Somalia holds over the Somaliland quest for international recognition as a sovereign nation, the immediate past Vice President cautioned against political machinations cooked in Mogadishu that purport peaceful negotiations.
“We should expect nothing with a semblance of peace from authorities in Mogadishu” Said Ahmed Yusuf Yasin adding that the establishing of Turkey’s largest foreign military facility in Somalia portrays one thing only, insecurity.
In conclusion the former VP reiterated his call for a strengthened armed force which includes creation of an Air Force while urging the government and citizens to stay vigilance “ This is the only guarantee of maintaining prevalent peace in our country as well as ensuring its sovereignty

Turkey Unveils its Biggest Foreign Military Base in Somalia