Somaliland: Irro and the Wadani Party Case for Change


Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi the presidential candidate for Somalilands main opposition party Waddani

By Saeed Yusuf Mohamed (Aliqoys)
Somalilandsun- Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi, the presidential candidate for Somaliland’s main opposition party (Waddani) is seeking a mandate for change from his country’s citizens. Somaliland’s presidential election is scheduled to be held on the 13th of November.
Abdirahman offers a change based on justice, accountability, resilience and unity among the citizens of Somaliland. He acknowledges that his country will never reach its full potential unless politicians communicate ideas beyond their tribal heritage. A career diplomat and the former House Speaker of Somaliland’s representative house, Abdirahman envisages a political discourse based on policies that encompass the aspirations of all citizens of Somaliland rather than the interest of a few.

As Waddani’s presidential candidate travels across Somaliland to sell his message of change, citizens are overwhelmed by an overpowering sense of hope. For the first time in Somaliland’s history, a presidential candidate is seeking a mandate without appealing to the tribal heritage of its citizens. He discusses the challenges his country faces and puts forward policies that commence the process of change and inevitably prosperity.
In comparison to the other political parties in Somaliland, the executive committee of Waddani represents every state of Somaliland. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi understands the importance of engaging the people of Somaliland to develop an inclusive society. He is a charismatic leader that effectively communicates the current state of our country and displays integrity and honesty in outlining a vision for Somaliland. As the leader of the Waddani party, he pledges to be a government of education and health. He recognizes that an effective education system will enhance economic growth and subsequently lower poverty. His commitment to improving the health sector is also impressive. If elected he promises to regulate the health sector, to take charge of all public hospitals across the country and understands how education could be utilized to enhance public health.
The platform of the Waddani party is to develop institutions that will hold politicians accountable to establish a harmonious society in Somaliland. The Waddani party promises a government that promotes progress beyond the capital city of Somaliland. The party is dedicated to establishing all government institutions in every state in Somaliland. This will improve transparency and economic activity. The party also formed the largest coalition of academics from across Somaliland to address our country’s economic and social needs.
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