Somaliland: Two Succumb to Man-Eating Hyena


Two Succumb to Man Eating Hyena in Somaliland

Somalilandsun – A man eating hyena is terrorizing Residents of villages in west Hargeisa.
According to reports the marauding hyena has so far killed a two year old baby girl and an aged man in the the villages of Abdi Geedi in the west of Hargeisa.
The baby girl was devoured after the hyena grabbed her under a tree as her mother was drawing water at Lagaa “Boggs” reports ramaasnews adding that before any action to save could be taken the baby had already died.
At the same village an elderly man said to be the local religious leader also lost his life to the man eating hyena.
Though residents in the area are living in fear of their lives police are said to be in pursuit of the marauding scavenger that has turned man-eater.
While Somaliland is home to myriads of wildlife that include a large number hyenas both in urban and rural areas where attacks have occurred in the past, this is the first for a marauding man-eater turning losing