The U.S. Should Sanction Somalia’s President Farmajo for Human Trafficking

President Farmajo is accused of sending Somalia soldiers to join Ethiopia and Eritrea forces secretly

Somalilandsun: Pressure is growing on Somalia’s government amid allegations that Somali soldiers have been sent to fight in neighboring Ethiopia’s deadly Tigray conflict.
Despite this, the president of Somalia Abdilahi Mohamed Farmajo continues to deny the allegations though information reveals necessary facts.
The pressure has also disconcerted Farmajo who is vying for a second term in elections presumably this February due to what he perceives to be external support.
In addition to Turkey and the US some regional powers are also reported to be supportive of a continued Farmajo administration in Somalia even to the detriment of democracy.
And just as Abiy and Isaias of Ethiopia and Eritrea seek to use Farmajo as their foil to control Somalia, so too has U.S. Ambassador Donald Yamamoto.
“For too long, the State Department has given Farmajo a free pass. That should end”, argues Michael Rubin as he urges the Biden Administration to Sanction Somalia’s President for Human Trafficking  HERE