“The President of Somalia is Free to Appoint Whoever He Deems Fit”


Amb Awil says Mogadishu appointees are irrelevant“We should stop wasting time debating appointments in Mogadishu since our engagement is with the government and not individuals” Amb Awil

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The government has been asked to start preparing for talks with Somalia.

Ambassador Hussein Ali Duale ‘Awil’ has asked the government to formulate strategies for the next phase of talks with Somalia while informing Somalilanders that it is the prerogative of the Somalia president to appoint whoever he deems fit in his administration.

Amb Awil, who informed this during an interview with the Horn newspaper, added that the appointments in Mogadishu are of little consequences to Somaliland regardless of who the appointee is.

Said he, “We sFozia Yusuf says appointment does not make her anti-Somalilandhould not waste time debating on the who is who is the Mogadishu government but concentrate on preparing for talks with them, government to government – country to country”

This ambassadorial sentiment was in reaction to the recent appointment of Hon Fozia Yusuf Haji Aden as the deputy premiere and foreign minister in the new government in Mogadishu.

Since she is of Somaliland origin the appointment of Hon Fozia to the dual powerful posts has elicited much debate as pertains to the suspended talks between the two countries with some powerful figures terming her a traitor.

Amb Awil who is a former Finance minister serving under ex- president Rayale stressed on the fact that anybody from Somaliland wishing to hold office should not be castigated since their presence in Mogadishu can only do the country good as opposed to harming it.

According to the long term ambassador turned politician, any negotiations between nations is made government to government thus individuals in each team are of little relevance. He said the appointment of SomElder Suleiman says appointment is treasonalilanders as members of the Somalia talk’s team does not bear any diplomatic repercussions.

“Why should we as a government and country worry about so or so, individuals, while our engagement is with relevant authorities and not individuals” Quipped the ambassador

Urging authorities to prepare earnestly for the internationally sanctioned talks with the Somalia, Amb Hussein Ali Duale said that the world will measure the acumen of our authorities by the substance of talk’s results and not who sat on the conference table.

While stressing on the importance of the talks that are as a result of the London and Istanbul II conferences on Somalia, Amb Awil said it is imperative for Somaliland to convince their brothers in Somalia on the irrevocability of its sovereignty as well as the non-harm it bears to them.