Somaliland: Haqsoor promises Improved Livelihoods


Ms Yurub (C) & is her supportersBy: Mahmud Walaleye

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Haqsoor political group brought the second phase of elections campaigns in style.

The 25 candidates from Haqsoor party contesting local council elections in Hargeisa opened their ward campaign offices during several ceremonies attended by party officials and individual candidate supporters.

According to the party chairperson Mujahid Hasan Isse Jama the party which is all geared up for the elections is confident of attaining one of the three slots allocated national parties by the constitution.

Muj Hasan Isse who is also the party’s presidential candidate addressed numerous supporters at several venues where he officiated the candidates ward’s offices opening said that the Haqsoor party shall improved livelihoods of somalilanders nationwide.

Said he, “We formed Haqsoor in-order to relieve you the burden of administrations that have promised you a lot during campaigns but delivered nothing to you”

While urging supporters nationwide to vote for Haqsoor party candidates the former SNM freedom fighter pledge to maintain national security and cohesion as well as sovereignty which will be a no talks and negotiations subject during a Haqsoor administration.Supporters of al ages Sing & dance for their candidates

Of the 25 candidates M/s Yurub Abdi Abiib managed to pull the largest number of supporters during her ward office opening who promised their commitment to her election all the way on the 28th of this month.

Seven political groups are contesting local council elections that will not only enable them occupy the seats but emerge as one of the three allowed national political parties.